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The "New Normal..." Some recovery!  ... and Congress is still debating whether they're deadlocked or gridlocked... So in the meantime, you and I should sit down to develop and implement some cost effective strategies that really make sense during these difficult economic times.

Sometimes, an external look at your marketing plan — your strategies, your goals — may shed new light on your target market or provide a fresh perspective on the needs of your customers.

Web or print, e-mail or snail-mail, copywriting or graphics, I can update your old look or do a complete re-design... there's a solution here with your name on it!

how's my site?If you're taking on new endeavors -- and God Bless You! --, I can assist with your business identity — the right logo or mark will represent your mission, and the breadth of stationery options can fit any budget. If your products or services could benefit from some communication pieces: flyers, brochures, catalogs — we can talk about that, too.

Give me a call or an e-mail. Maybe this will be the year after all.

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